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About the Automation Manufacturers Alliance

The automation manufacturers alliance is a group of manufacturers working together to provide a better service for its customers. For many years companies have found it difficult to recruit technical staff, this has led to many companies relying heavily on outside suppliers. Companies these days prefer to buy an item which is ready to install in their equipment. This gets round the problems associated with different components having incompatibilities. Alliance partners work very hard to ensure that their products are compatible and therefore our customer experience is much better. Quality is important as is safety. Great Britain has a good reputation for producing products of high quality and the majority of the equipment offered by the alliance is made in the United Kingdom. The UK has very high safety standards and our equipment is designed to exceed the safety standards. Working together we are much stronger than as individual companies we also can provide very high levels of expertise in helping our customers achieve their goals in their own product development. Part of our service to our customers and the readers for monthly newsletter is that we will use best endeavors to answer technical questions without charge. If you have a machine that is reaching the age when it requires a lot of attention you might well find that parts have become obsolete. We can supply a range of new control systems, motors, encoders and safety equipment. This can mean keeping a valuable machine working or it ending up worthless because a single part has failed. Part of the service we offer is to educate and inform. We run a series of seminars around the world and intend to run some new seminars in 2016. The seminars are intended for designers, works engineers, company owners, university graduates and anyone with an interest in automation and motion control. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer looking for a supplier, a retrofit company who is looking for a partner or a end-user of automation products we intend to provide a one-stop shop getting you the products and services you need. Please contact us on our contact page and we will be glad to get back to you

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