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Innovative Automation, CNC and Motion Control solutions

motion controller

Bespoke control solutions

Ordering a bespoke controls system (sometimes called a turnkey system) has a major advantage, it is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure that it works properly. Automation manufacturers alliance has a network of qualified companies worldwide that are able to provide a one-stop solution. We can supply from the single component through to an entire automation system.

Normally customers need an electrical cabinet, servo motors, the controller, cabling and mounting brackets. The electrical cabinet will be specifically designed for the customers needs and the controls and drives set up to the correct parameters. Setting drives that can be difficult if you do not know about the specific parameters you require. Our experts will find this much quicker and easier than yourselves.

Electrical cabinets can be designed from relatively simple single axis to multiaxis single or three phase supplies. The cabinets can contain, transformers, pneumatics, mains filters, drives and inverters, safety relays, interconnect cards, monitoring equipment et cetera. Normally where possible the electrical box will be designed with plugs and sockets making it easy to connect motors and sensors et cetera. No job is too big too small please contact us we here to help.

motion controller

Complete Electrical systems

Along with all the other products you need we can make your electrical box for you and deliver a system that is working, ready to go and fully tested. In the picture shown our client mounted the electricalbox on a frame note that we include some pnumatics as well

Bespoke Controls service

No matter what you need we can help, from special purpose motors to complete bespoke systems we are here to help. We can offer a service in many parts of the world. We offer motor mountings, pulleys and mechanical parts as well! All the companies in the AMA are world leading companies and we have all been in business for more than 20 years, we have the experiance you need to give you the solution you need.

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