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Monthly Newsletter July 2016

Welcome to the new monthly newsletter from the Automation Manufacturer's Alliance (AMA). The aim of the AMA is to promote awareness of Automation issues, including benefits, safety, power saving and quality enhancements. The AMA can provide many of the components needed by a typical automation engineer including: Electronics, motors, drives, encoders and sensors to provide a "one stop shop". We are here to help and offer to try to resolve questions you might have as son as possible.    

Tony McDonald, Editor


Renishaw announces new LA11 linear magnetic encoder

LA11 is an absolute magnetic linear encoder system designed for motion control applications. The encoder system is highly reliable due to contactless absolute measuring principle, built-in safety algorithms and high quality materials/components used.

The measuring standard is a magnetic scale which consists of a stainless steel substrate with an elasto-ferrite layer. The elasto-ferrite layer is magnetised with two tracks. The major benefit of the LA11 is that can be used either as a absolute or conventional incremental encoder. The elasto-ferrite layer is immune to chemicals commonly found in industry.
The readhead includes Hall sensor arrays for PRBS track reading, an AMR sensor for incremental track reading, interpolation electronics and custom logic circuitry. The data from the Hall arrays and interpolator are processed in the internal MCU using special algorithms to determine the absolute position.

TRM announces new version of the MAP programming language

MAP is a user friendly programming language for automation, process and motion control. MAP is designed to be fast, robust and easy to use. The addition new commands like the memory allocation commands allows programmers to write complex applications like running probing and scientific applications. Using the new commands it is now relatively easy to process data acquired from external probes or laser devices, write the data to files.

Those with limited programming knowledge or professional Programmers can now write highly professional programs that once would have needed to be written in a compiled language like 'C'. This opens up the possibilities of using map in medical applications where samples may need to be scanned and a mould made as in Skull Deformation and Correction in Infants, and in the manufacture of implants etc.


Revolutionary Motor/drive system Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Planet

Energy Saving with the use of variable speed, and the optimization of mechanical systems, are the main means of achieving maximum savings. The adoption of Dyneo® motor-drive unit solutions optimizes energy consumption savings. This is because of the exceptional efficiency levels over the whole operating speed range, especially at speeds below the synchronous speed where efficiency is much higher than with conventional motors. Energy savings, reduction in costs of use and installation, gives this system an excellent return on investment compared to conventional asynchronous solutions
Torque and speed performance are also guaranteed over the whole speed range with the possible of the elimination of gearing, this gives the opportunity of better performance of the driven machine by increasing its speed. Because the losses in the motor and drive chain are lower, the rotor temperature rise is reduced and and hence better bearing performance and life is achieved. Unlike conventional motors optimum torque guaranteed over a wide speed range

Training and Support

Learn to program in MAP and 'C'

MAP is an easy-to-use programming language, it was originally designed for people that don't do programming, because they thought it just to complicated for them. Now it is the choice of many programmers from beginner to expert.

Map is probably one of the most flexible programming languages in the industrial market. It includes full plc programming capabilities such as driving outputs and checking inputs, also it includes motion control commands that enable motion control projects to be seamlessly integrated with input output commands.
All the commands are entered via the on-screen editor. Every command has a help message that talks you through data entry. Even better there is no scan time so fast applications can be supported.
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Forthcoming Articals

Encoders: An easy to understand guide about encoders from Renishaw.

Machine Safety: Making machinery comply with safety requirements can be difficult, this guide will assist you in compliance

Case Study: Cutting edge research from the Biomechanics team at Staffordshire University
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