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Guillotine Control Systems for the printing and sheet metal industries (ProCut)

ProCut guillotine retrofit kit

The PROCUT System is a high precision Guillotine Backgauge Positioning System that can be installed in most industrial paper or metal cutting guillotines. Using our own control systems with their years of proven history for accuracy and repeatability. ProCut can be supplied either as a complete system or as parts as needed

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The PMC4 motion controller is used in many applications, one if them is ProCut. ProCut is an application designed for paper and metal cutting guillotines, it allows the operator to enter a cutting list via user friendly menus. ProCut has automatic features that make cutting lables and strips easy and quick to use, via dedicated menus.

  • Rapid return on investment
  • Improves productivity and quality
  • Reduction of scrap due to the precision ProCut
  • ProCut is easy to use and install
  • Improves productivity and quality
  • Strip and label menus with optimisation
  • Maintenance planning menu
For example please see the edit create screen as shown below: ProCut edit screen

Choice of ProCut kits for the machine's existing motor, DC or brushless servo motors

Choice of PMC4 motion controllers with 5.7" or 10.4" screen

PMC4 controller with 5.7

PMC4 controller with 5.7" screen

The PMC4 is a motion controller with a full PLC. This controller is capable of very high accuracy and when running the ProCut software brings new life to old guillotines and for new machines cost savings, safety, and reliability. Operator comfort is assured because of the clear screen and easy to use compact keypad. The compact size of the PMC4 makes it easy to mount the controller either in or out of the machine front.

PMC4 controller with 10.4

PMC4 controller with 10.4" screen

Larger machines need a larger screen and the 10.4" screen is clearly readable even on a large machine. The PMC4 large screen controller has a full QUERTY keypad and built in hand wheel jog encoder to facilitate small cut corrections. This controller is designed to be easy to mount in the front of the machine, the thickness of the controller is around 50mm.

Cables, Sensors, Brackets, Motors

Guillotine backgauge software for the printing and sheet metal industries (ProCut)

ProCut guillotine retrofit kit

The PROCUT System is designed to be easy and safe to use, it has two languages English and Spanish, it is easy to enter and save data

Read more about ProCut's features
  • Quick and Easy to use
  • High accuracy improves production and quality
  • Reduction of scrap due to the precision ProCut
  • Internal storage for 1000 files of 32 lines
  • Easy to use strip menu
  • Easy to use label menu with optimisation
  • Maintenance planning menu
  • Clear easy to use menus in Colour
  • Manual mode
  • Programmable air table and push out modes
ProCut guillotine retrofit kit

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